Briana's Recovery



(Oceanside, CA)—July 17, 2015 – The June recovery of San Diego area teen, Brianna (15) who disappeared from her home on April 29, and was recovered two months later across country in Jacksonville, Florida in the presence of her captor, was one of the most recent examples of the finely tuned, often unheralded work of Saved In America.

Based in Oceanside, California, Saved In America is a unique non-profit organization whose labyrinth of state-of-the-art intelligence gathering capabilities and squadron of top professionals (including an elite fleet of former Navy SEALS) specializing in recovering the victims of sex trafficking and other crimes committed against children. Remarkably, their services are offered at no cost to victims, their families, or local law enforcement.

With statistics of sex slavery and child trafficking nationally at epidemic proportions, child/human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world—second only to drugs.  In the face of a growing need for solutions, Saved In America has a tri-fold mission statement:

RESCUE Gathering of intelligence and assisting law enforcement in the investigation and rescue of child victims of sex trafficking in the US.

REHABILITATE Providing “safe place” resources and rehabilitation to
victims once recovered.

STOP violent pedophiles/pimps by assisting law enforcement in the arrest and
ultimate prosecution of perpetrators of sex crimes/trafficking offenders.

SIA is comprised of an highly select team of experts, experienced professionals that include seasoned law enforcement veterans, highly specialized private investigators, attorneys, therapists, and counsellors who all share the combined expertise and resources needed to break the hardest cases of missing children on the national landscape.

SIA’s highly specialized “Investigative Operations Team” is comprised exclusively of prior combat-proven Navy SEALS,  Based in San Diego, this elite team is highly trained and experienced with over 130 years of combined experience and tactical military training.  Along with their military experience, all members of the Investigative Operations Team are fully licensed private Investigators. Their focus has repeatedly been credited with wide open breakthroughs in the tough cases that make national headlines—working in undercover situations that ultimately offer a wealth of investigative resources and data to local law enforcement in executing the arrest of criminal perpetrators and the secured freedom of their young victims.

Once recovered, SIA has an ongoing dedicated mission to safely relocate freed victims on an “as needed” basis to unclosed rehabilitation facilities staffed by caring professionals and maintained to dispense medical care, therapy and the tools to begin the initial process of putting shattered and traumatized lives back together.

Saved In America is totally donor sponsored. It costs over one million dollars to keep their Investigative Operations Team in the street for 12 months. SIA is actively welcoming the support of those willing to speak up for children who cannot speak for themselves…those willing to protect the right of all who are helpless…for those that can’t.

Please consider how you can join the fight against the child trafficking/sex slavery industry. This heinous crime is torturing and destroying America’s children and robbing families and future families of life and freedom.