Investigative Team

In order to assist the Investigative Team, you will need the CMECI certification.

To Qualify to become a CMECI you must;

  • Be a local, state, federal or military active or retired law enforcement officer, or
  • Be a Licensed Private Investigator, or
  • Been a member of the U.S Military Special Forces Command

CMECI - Certified Missing & Exploited Child Investigator: Provides the professional investigator with the first ever specialized child trafficking investigator designation.

Benefits - The ability to become part of the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) which participates in the rescue/ recovery of missing and exploited children.

Requirements - 

  • Successfully pass the CMECI exam.
  • No felony convictions.
  • Have a current liability insurance policy.

Price -

  • $25 test fee to be paid after the application is submitted and approved.

In order to qualify to take the CMECI exam you must fill out the application below AND email your credentials (Copy of DD214 for special operators, copy of ID for law enforcement, copy of license for private investigators) to:

*Once approved to take the CMECI exam, you will need to purchase the study guide (exam is open book).

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